Our Take: 3 tips for a more enjoyable travel experience
08 Nov 2019
Transiting at Changi is so much more than simply waiting for your flight. Here are some tips on making your next trip more rewarding:
  1. Have your itinerary already? Why not register it now? Add your flight for Flight Delay Lounge Access at least 24 hours before your departure.
  2. Use your Changi Rewards Travel privileges:
    • Transiting for up to 3 hours? Let us safekeep your stuff at the Luggage Storage Service and free your hands to carry all that shopping at Changi Airport.
    • Transiting for more than 3 hours? Freshen up at our Shower & Nap Facilities or counter jetlag with a relaxing spa session.
  3. Remember to add flights that transfer through Changi with your iChangi app and unlock more complimentary privileges as you go along.