About your privileges: Flight Delay Lounge vs Lounge Access at Changi
08 Oct 2019
Did you know that Changi Rewards Travel members enjoy 2 different types of lounge access? Flight Delay Lounge access takes care of you when your connecting flight is delayed. Your Lounge Access at Changi privileges allow you to relax and unwind as you please whenever you are at Changi Airport or Jewel Changi Airport.

Here’s how they’re different: 
Flight Delay LoungeLounge Access at Changi
Valid for flights (to or from Changi Airport) delayed by 2 hours or moreValid any time of your choice
Most airport lounges worldwideTerminals 1-4 and Jewel Changi Airport
Unlimited accessLimited complimentary passes & discounts

Changi Airport is home to some of the most stunning lounges in the world. Kick back and relax in one on your next journey!